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    Thank you for the kind words, finding those fish meant a lot to us. Such a special place down there, truely a bottom fishermans delight!

    KCB, good eye man. I charter the voyager 3 times a year with 15 guys for manual only tile trips, lookn to get the record back on that boat!! Jeff runs a first class operation.

    As for the yakers,, i think they just didn't respect the forecast as it was beautiful in the am and with in an hour turned to fear as it was forecasted to do.. guess it just crept on them and he got stuck. Was a scary situation for sure. Was glad to be able to help as there was literally no one else in the water and close to getting dark out.


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    Yes, Jeff is first class. I live about a mile from the boat.
    Glad you enjoyed the Keys, we have a house down in Key Colony Beach, Marathon.

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