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    So your saying you have a place I can sell the 11 boxes of ARS in the back of my truck right now?

    Ooh sorry i meant to send that via private messenger.

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    Fished the patch reef in Marathon last year and never caught a Mutton or an ARS. I don't think this will affect me much.
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    The new restrictions will have the most impact during the spawn. It makes no sense to kill thousands of mature fish while they are trying to spawn. We protect lobster, stone crab, salmon, and now grouper and many other species during the spawn, why not muttons? Most on this forum have not seen the abuse I witnessed at several spawning aggregations over the last four decades, and I'm sorry to say I participated since if I didn't someone else would have taken those fish. I can tell you about the night I left with over 50 fish since I was already over the 10 fish/person limit, while the boat next to me with 3 guys on board stayed and got over 100 fish at Western Dry Rocks. Same story at the Ocean Reef spot off the now gone whistle buoy, the spot south of Carysfort, Molasses, Marathon, and worse of all Riley's Hump until it was closed. My father is as old school as it gets at 92 years young, and he has always been a proponent of a complete shut down of mutton during May and June. Worse part about all the fish that were killed during the spawn is that big muttons are not easy to sell, and many thousands of pounds were sold for as little as 16 cents/lb even as late as the 1980's. I think this step now might be too little too late, but it's a long delayed move that can only help. We should see more muttons year round as it should be. Besides, if they are large, you only need a few.

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