The boat is a 2001 Kevlacat 2400. It weighs about 6000 lbs. Anchor locker up front with about a 2' pulpit to put the new roller on. I've ordered an EZ Anchor Puller Rebel EZ-5.


I have a seaclaw stainless and bronze #18 anchor. https://www.seaclawanchors.com/products.html
I love the anchor. It was expensive, but really happy with it so far. I have it configured as a break away. So it's fastened to the fluke end, and zip tied at the opposite end. I also have shackles on both ends of the anchor so the fluke can't slip off in the event I have to pull it out backwards and the stop that's just under the fluke fails.

One of the more confusing things about this project is the selection of rode. I'm going with 1/2", unless I can find some sort of 3/8" that's suitable. Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer for rode? There's so many options out there and the risk of buying crap rode is pretty high. I'm looking at 600' for 1/2". If I went with 3/8" I could do much more, but I'm concerned 3/8" is too light.

I plan to use 40' of 5/16 chain.

The next question concerns the bow roller. Because I have my anchor configured as a break away, I don't want it to break the zip ties every time I raise the anchor over the bow roller. Which I expect it would in the transition from vertical to horizontal with a single roller setup. So, I'm planning on going with a hinged bow roller. The one at the top of my list is the Anchorlift 90103.


It's plenty for the anchor I have, and leaves me the option of easily moving up to a larger anchor if I want to.
Thoughts on this plan? Other options? Other rollers? I'd like to keep the breakaway configuration if I can.

The winch comes with a deck roller, so I don't have to worry about that.

I'm extremely excited to get this project completed. I've wanted reliable push button anchoring for 20 years. I will finally have it.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated. I have never used a anchor winch. I have been on boats with windlasses, and I don't care for them. The bunching up of rode in them is a pain I will not tolerate. And it's not really an option for my boat anyway. There isn't enough drop depth for a windlass even if I did want one.


Jay G