TTI trip next Wednesday
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    TTI trip next Wednesday

    Hey all, planning on coming down to Everglades City to put in a couple days of fishing/camping around area south of Indian key pass. This will be our second time coming, last year conditions were much different with a lack of any winter. Last year the only success we had was mainly on the flats with trout and a couple of snook off of mangrove points. Will be fishing from a 16 foot skiff and can go inside some, I would imagine the redfish and snook should be making their way further inshore? Any tips on where we could start looking for fish would be appreciated. Doing most of my fishing in north Florida our trout reds are now in deep holes, is it a similar situation down there? Also, any other species worth targetting?

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    Check out the post a few down from yours. A similar question was answered that may help you out.

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    Yes,be sure and check with Ranger station because they have
    changed many regulations or about to phase them in.

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