2018 Bullet 22SF Flats Boat-Still alive
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    2018 Bullet 22SF Flats Boat-Still alive

    I am a week away from taking ownership of my 2018 Black/White Bullet 22SF. I found the original thread from 2013 stating these boats would probably fail, among other things. I am glad to see they made the cut. Does anyone on here actually own one? If so, please share your experience. Mine will be used 75% for bass and 25% for inshore saltwater.


    Unfinished photo from a month ago in the build process. I am running a Merc 250 Pro XS and Ameritrail Aluminum trailer.

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    My buddy had a 20' Bullet bass boat few years ago and it was great for bass fishing. He passed everyone except an Allison. He traded it in for an aluminum BassCat when he turned 80. Good luck with yours.

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