Lithium Ion trolling motor batteries
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    Question Lithium Ion trolling motor batteries

    Has anyone tried the newer lithium ion deep cycle trolling motor batteries? I realize they are much more expensive to buy, but they allegedly last up to 10 years and weigh SO much less than other deep cycle options.

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    I posted a response to your same post in general fishing.

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    Here is my reply on another thread. I've had them for over 3 years now. I'm running Relion Lithium batteries and took out 100 lbs out of my boat. Make a difference every 100 lbs equals 1 to 2 MPH. Plus the added benefits of the Lithium.You'll notice all your electronics will run better as well as your motor because you will have constant voltage all the time without dropping voltage thru out the day like with AGM's or Lead Acid. They charge back quicker at night also on the AC charger and at the end of the day when you go to run in from fishing all day and running graphs and live wells your motors electrical system which delivers fuel to the motor will be running optimum all the time as well as your electronics getting constant voltage and we all know how particular they are! I made the investment and these batteries will last and if I sell my boat they will come with me to the next one for sure.
    Do a test take out your trolling motor batteries and go run the boat. That will tell you what the weight savings will do for performance and draft.

    I have three 50ah for my trolling and one 100ah for my cranking


    Powermania Turbo M430V2 or M440V2

    Pro Manier Elite series chargers

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    Im not that price sensitive but I think I'll wait until they get a bit more reasonable. I think they are too much for what you get with lower priced options that you replace more often. Weight is a big issue for me but I'd still manage with the cheapy costco ones I use and replace yearly. Less weight would be better but If I can still float in 6 or 8 inches Im good.

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