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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneBK View Post
    I've caught a few lobster cast netting pilchards on the grass flats around here, even got a stone crab once

    Watched some googans intentionally throw a cast net on a tarpon hanging out around a dock's lights at night, it didn't end well for anyone.
    How damn stupid do you have to be to throw a cast net on tarpon? Hell I don't even try to catch tarpon off the dock with a rod and reel even though they are right there eating scraps of dolphins and tuna from the cleaning table...seems pointless....my buddy did it though...granted it was only about 15 or twenty pounds...he was as drunk as forty hells. He announced that he was going to catch tommy the tarpon..put a chunk of bait on the hook and dropped it down and it was on. Tarpon ran through the pilings..we thought ok this is over but damned if it didn't come back through the the pilings and he got his tarpon. We were howling. Funny thing to watch...

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    Shrimping off a dock one night on the St. John’s my uncle caught a bat that flew out from under the dock.
    Caught a replica Roman style helmet shrimping out from the city dock in Palatka

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    Love this. I had no idea it would get so weird. One cast in matanzas inlet got me a blenny and a puffer I kept in an aquarium for 3 years that were a hoot!

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