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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDude727 View Post
    I'm wondering if I should even throw away money on a survey.
    If the boat is within reasonable driving distance of you, then I would suggest that you go & take a look. Even an untrained eye has a good chance of figuring out if it worth calling the surveyor or not. If you tap on different parts of the hull & find some areas that sound hollow & others that sound dead, then I would turn thumbs down immediately. Soft decks get a no vote. If the motors smoke, spit oil, sound funny, etc, that would also get a no vote. The same goes for a rotted interior. If all looks good, then call the surveyor. If the filters are located under the pit & deck water sometimes drips on them, but the rest of the boat is good, then it may still be a good value.

    How big is the boat? How old? What brand? What motors? Is it in the water or on the hard? Do you have any history on the boat? Have you looked up the NADA value & compared it to the asking price?

    When shopping for used boats, I have found that I usually need to look at several lemons before I find the good value that I am looking for. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an in-person view is worth a thousand pictures.

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    Don't forget to crawl under the boat. Look for stress cracks running front to back. It can be a indication of stringer problems.

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    This boat was pretty far from me and wasn't significantly lower in price than other similar boats near me. After reading the comments here I've decided to not even waste my time driving to look at it. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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