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..so I will say this ..
why the heck does this tick you guys off?
Simple answer.......because it is just an advertisement for his charter business. Complete with a hyperlink.

This is not the free classified section......which they do have and he could of put it there. Or he could of contacted the webmaster and actually bought an ad that they would of put in a banner or pop-up for him.

If I went to the newspaper machine this morning and bought a paper .........and while I had the machine door open attached my business card to the front page of all the remaining papers before I closed it........would you think that is an ethical thing to do?

I don't work for this site or have any affiliation.......but as long as they provide it to us for free, I think we should at least try to follow the rules. I would suggest that people that "cannot get that through their heads" might have "something wrong with you".