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    Markers still up? My favorite place to fish are the markers. Headed down Saturday, don't want to get lost.

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    Lots of markers down. Some are just missing signage, others are missing completely.

    And go easy in Fakahatchee Pass. Tons of markers are long gone (including the "dog leg" which will put you on oysters if you don't know to hug the shoreline). One marker broke off at the waterline, too. So it is submerged at high tide. That one is scary.

    We tied a white boat fender to it a few weeks ago. But it vanished. Someone else tied a blue fender to it, which was cool.

    But that is invisible in the dark, of course. So just take 'er easy and keep your eyes peeled. Especially if you don't boat here often and don't have everything memorized. There is even a lot of debris offshore. All kinds of stuff around Indian Key, especially.
    "Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right"

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    They used to call that MegalopsAtlanticus fella Neversink Jimmy when he guided in the Catskills many moons ago.
    Now my kids just call him uncle Jimmy the Tarpon slayer, when he visits us in Islamorada.
    See you in January, The EGRET is all pretty and ready to fly!

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