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    Thank you!

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    OK guy's beat me up on emegrency pumping.

    Here is a fact for you guys, No matter what we do about reservoirs or discharges, there will always be emergency discharges during events like Irma!!!!!

    The everglades and our entire "Engineered" everglades are about as full as they have ever been and discharges continue in all directions to try to lower water levels.

    The entire system is still overloaded and Negrons best wishes of a reservoir the size of Texas would still be full and we would still be dumping water in all directions.

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    Wasn't just Irma. I heard there were a couple of low pres-
    sure 'disturbances' ('events'), soon afterward, which dumped
    another load of rain onto Florida -as much, again, as Irma.
    Lake O went up (from under 14ft.) to over 17ft. stage. Like
    winter of 2016 (I think that's right), this fall (2017) was,
    again, the worst rain (wet) event in a long time.

    Reservoirs, bigger the better, and other possible remedies,
    are desperately needed (one'd be re-enforcing the Lake O
    dyke sufficiently) will all help! But it's inevitable, given
    massive enough
    amounts of destructive and damaging
    rain, discharges to the coasts may still have to happen. But
    this must be minimized "for all we're worth" in the future!
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    Quit spewing false claims ... You said they rarely back pump and that simply is not true.

    You are right, not matter what we do about reservoirs or dischargers, there will always be emergency discharges during events like Irma.

    What I don't understand is how the sugar fields getting flooded is an emergency enough to justify back pumping polluted AG water back into the lake which was already at elevated levels testing the dikes strength. That is pure BS, they risked the dike and the lives of those surrounding it by back pumping when it was already at elevated levels. For what? Risk lives to keep the AG fields dry? Really?

    Please let me know if I missed something.

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