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    Quote Originally Posted by INTREPID377 View Post
    So, Dave Kerstetter hOlds the permit and works at Nova Southeastern in the marine biology department with Guy Harveys name on it. GH is an outspoken conservationist. Where is he on this?
    Guy Harvey is making money. He doesn't care. Need to get this to all the marlin and other organizations Harvey "works" with to make sure his fame only grows.

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    I agree. Guy Harvey is the Al Gore of fishing.

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    Ok great news for the East Coast guys!

    Those longlines can fish as shallow as 400' of water!!!! at least in the Canaveral and a bit South of there.

    Bycatch will be sails, Dolphin, Tuna, Marlin, and heck if the current is slow they may catch a few tiles! LOL!!

    This isn't over yet for sure, mark my word, this one will be cut short. Its made its way to the White House and past Dept of Commerce!

    FWC will be in DC for the AP meeting and they will give HMS a word from the Governor and Head of FWC.

    This is a farce to call it research, only a fraction of the sets will be observed with independent observers as they call them, But trust me nothing about Dave Kerstetters research is independent! He was put thru grad school by the longliine industry!

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