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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevowavo View Post
    Ron, that's enough. You know damn well that your posts were pulled and your son was banned because of the nasty way you attacked other members. As Jeff (CNTDR) says, you and your son are personally responsible for turning members from posting here. And here you go again.
    We are all against the destructive development of Bimini, West End and other areas. Unfortunately, we really can't control what happens in a foreign country, except to avoid going to those new resorts.
    Funny, didn't you post a while back that your son was gambling in the Genting Casino?
    I wouldn't be caught dead there, nor would anyone I know who truly cares about the Islands, but apparently there's more than a little hypocrisy in your indignation.
    I was wondering if and when someone would respond to him. It's too bad what this forum is dead. Thanks for nothing Ron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plastered2850 View Post
    Thanks, your post made me smile. I've watched guys criticizing each other in another FS forum. Fishing is supposed to be fun, nobody likes a googan on the water or in print.

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