Pflugar President Took a Swim In Lagoon, What To Do Now
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    Pflugar President Took a Swim In Lagoon, What To Do Now

    My Spinning rig spent about 15 seconds in the IR Lagoon a few days ago. What would you guys suggest doing? Its only about 9 months old. I immediately rinsed it off with fresh water but fear it may run rough after a while if water got to the internals.

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    Get it to a reel repair outfit yesterday and have them do a complete teardown, clean and re-lube... but even with that you'll eventually have a bearing or two go bad a bit early.... Do nothing at all and in a few months you'll be buying a new reel... Modern reels are no longer very simple (and many have more than five little bearings inside - bearings will go bad if there's any salt present. Even a momentary dunking can allow water into your gearcase where bad things will happen - eventually.... Hope this helps
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