SLI and PBI 6/10-6/15
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    SLI and PBI 6/10-6/15


    Headed out at around 11:30am. Loaded up the well with sardines at bull shark. Water was pretty and because of the full moon, we thought we would high speed troll and look for some wahoo. I put out a daisy chain as well as the Yozuri bonita on the wire line. We were trolling at 13kts and worked from 70ft to push button. Daisy chain got nailed by a little sailfish, but lost it after a few minutes. Decided to head back in and bump troll. Huge color change/rip in 58fow that went for miles. Trolled it and immediately got whacked by 2 bonitos. Then we reset and another double, this time though a huge 80lb summertime sail and a mahi. Got the mahi in and had to chase the sail that ate a bottom stinger rig. Got it close and there was a sail right next to it. After it saw the boat it took off. Got the leader touch! Reset and got 2 more schoolie mahis. All in 58-62 ft of water. Not a bad day.


    Broke the inlet at around 7. Same deal loaded up with sardines at bullshark. Little rougher than the reports but very manageable. Managed a few kings and a few bonitas. Slow after the full moon.


    Went out of Palm beach with a buddy. Got some sardines and bump trolled them in 50-90fow off of the Breakers. Got nailed in 60 by a huge king and broke my wire stinger rig in half! Went out to 90fow and tons of scattered weeds and remoras. Went back where the bait was in 50-60 and managed 3 small kings. Guy next to me at the fillet table said there was debris everywhere out deep and crushed the mahi. All between 20-25 inches, so nothing special, but hey that's better than the past few months of nada!

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    Good Report JBJ. Glad to hear you are getting out there. May start running trips on the cabo out of the marina in the near future!
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