Todd: Captain Gel-Coat Fiber glass, hull and gel coat repair
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    Todd: Captain Gel-Coat Fiber glass, hull and gel coat repair

    his number is 561-812-8743


    He markets that if the color does not match, then you don't pay him, and honestly, the color is pretty good because he spray paints the repaired area and sprays around it as well, so while you can tell it's different, he blends over a big area, so that's not his major flaw.

    Quality of everything else is his major issue. He delayed my project multiple days because he had to get the proper hardware for hatch hardware etc.... but then never used anything but standard lock nuts with screws that were too long so he angle grinded everything off, including destroying the fiberglass and gel coat he was repairing. There is also zero caulk or 5200 anywhere he penetrated the fiberglass so that will allow future water intrusion. Anyone who skips basic steps like that is either extremely lazy or has no idea what they are doing.

    Hatches don't close due to nuts hitting fiberglass trim, multiple cuts in the hatches that will allow water to intrude etc. This is just the stuff I've found and started to repair myself.

    Here is the correct hardware on the hatch he did not touch, and the nuts he was special ordering, that I paid extra for and delayed the project 5 days.


    Here is one of the hatches he worked on.


    Another he worked on missing screw and nut.


    Nice work with the angle grinder.... not really. This is his finished product.



    His non-skid patch work is pretty bad, but honestly, this is the least of my worries as long as the cracks are properly sealed and no water intrusion, so I won't nit pick there, but the rest of the stuff is absurd and I'd hate for anyone else to pay for this level of work.

    Don't recommend this guy.
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