Beginning spearfishing
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    Beginning spearfishing

    This summer I want to try spear fishing, but I don't really know how to start out. Do I just buy a Hawaiian spear, mask, and flippers? And where could I go without a boat near Orlando.

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    Depends on whether you plan to freedive, which I assume you are (no boat). You will need the items mentioned and a dive flag/float (FL law) and get yourself a two band gun to start. JBL makes affordable guns to start with, since freediving you'll want long fins like Cressi Sub or similar. Best to get set up by your local dive shop & they may direct you to areas where you can be productive, have access, etc...Here's a good site to whet your appetite
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    The best thing you can do if you want to get into spearfishing I assume freediving since you want to use a sling is to to take a freediving course. It will get you real comfortable in water and teach all the safety aspects of freediving.

    FII is a good group here is a link-

    They even have a spearfishing course.

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    buy affordable mask snorkel and fins and a pole spear to start off with as a beginner spearo. thats how im starting then as i get better i will upgrade my gear . hope this helps lol

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