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    I'm not much of a tarpon fisherman so take it for what its worth. While tarpon will come in casting range of the shore, (mostly early) you may have better luck, especially if there are swimmers, kayaking a bait out or fishing from the yak. Live pins or threadfins, fished anyway you please. Ladyfish, mullet and mackerel all make fine live, whole or cut baits too. Other fish will also be accepted by tarpon, like small jacks, whiting or silver trout for example. If they are hungry, they will almost always take a easy meal. You may get some shark action too, but if you stick with mono leader, most will cut you off and you can get back to tarpon fishing. If you see bait pods, match the hatch. If they are eating glass minnows, they may only eat those when they are being picky. I have caught them fishing for mackerel on small pilchards right at the idle buoys too. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbs28midsouth View Post
    Thanks JohnAB for the tip! Still have a hard time with the tides so any help is great. I planned on hitting redfish pass a ton and the beach sight fishing in the morning. Just something about sight fishing and walking that beach that calms the soul till a big snook hits. I was hoping to use this combo to cast bigger swim baits in case a rogue tarpon was around. I will check out Lehr's but I most likely would want to use it up here first. Put some braid on it and tie it to my 13 year old son and tell him to start running lol plus I may fish the damn at Lake Cumberland for some stripers or try my hand at Muskies before June.

    Hey, fellow Kentuckian here (at least I think, since you mentioned Cumberland). We're headed to Cape Coral at the end of June/ beginning of July. Do you mind letting me know how you did and sharing any tips. We will be staying on a canal not far from the river, just south of 4 mile cove and will have a boat. We are mainly looking for big game. Sharks, Tarpon, Goliath grouper etc... any tips would be more than appreciated!

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