Stradic FK vs CI4
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    Stradic FK vs CI4

    Hey guys,

    I was looking for opinions on these two reels. I was looking to put together a nice light tackle outfit for inshore/freshwater for here in South Florida. My old school white stradics are still working great but i think it's time for an upgrade.

    So far I have a custom Bushido blank custom rod on the way and would like to pair it with a Stradic Ci4 or FK. But really can't decide which to go with. I guess you could throw a Sustain in there too, but I've never owned one.

    Is the Ci4 worth the extra cash?
    Is the main difference just the weight?
    Which do you guys prefer and why?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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    I have only used the new stradic fk but coming from the old school stradics it took a while to get use to how light the new reels are. I prefer a little heft to my reels and I would have a hard time going any lighter than the fk

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    As I get older and weaker I prefer the lightest outfit I can put together. It makes it lots easier casting all day. One of my fishing buddies has a couple of Ci4s and I have Okuma Helios which are the same weight but 1/2 the price. The Shimanos are a bit smoother.

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