Shore Fishing Feb 16-19: Sharks and Snook
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    Shore Fishing Feb 16-19: Sharks and Snook

    Was able to get down to SWFL last weekend and had some decent action despite sketchy weather. The first night I fished was Friday, and despite some bad surf we fished for sharks. Dropped baits an hour before sunset and right after the sun went down my 50w started screaming. A short 10 minute battle later I had a decent 6.5' lemon shark on the sand. Dehooked, quick picture (with my mom who helped me out lol), and a good release. Didn't bother taking another bait out as waves breaking at 4' in pitch black with no moonlight didn't sound too appealing. The video of that shark can be found here:


    Second night was Saturday. We planned to shark fish, but a bad storm hit and lingered, despite weather forecasts saying otherwise, until about 9pm. We decided because of this to do some snook fishing. I am very new to snook fishing, as I've mostly focused on sharks when I'm in Florida, but I am getting into it. We ended up catching 6 snook all around the 25" mark. Didn't take any pictures as we were looking to get some that were a little bigger, but they didn't seem to be biting. Overall it was a solid evening and a good learning experience for me as I want to catch more snook in the future.
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    Nice job!
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    Anyone know of any shore spots around Port Charlotte/El Jobean/Little Gasparilla that are open to fishing at night? Looking for sharks/snook

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