Mud Minnows
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    Mud Minnows

    Cold and windy weekend gave me ample time to make flies.
    This time of year in NE Florida has shrimp and mudminnows on the menu.

    Spent some time making clousers and threw in a bend back for a buddy.

    Also, I put in a pic of the blue crab pattern I am trying to perfect. This is my first try with EP Brush, and WOW, that is a pain to work with.


    Blue Crab Pattern.jpg

    Clouser Mud Minnows.jpg
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    Hard to beat an olive and white clouser in most places (whether there's mud minnows there or not....).
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    Really like those clouser style flys in that color pattern. You'll have to follow up and post some results!

    Up here in North FL the mudminnow is my go to if I'm trying to catch dinner. Only makes sense that a mudminnow fly would be effective. This is the mudminnow fly that I use (and have a decent measure of success with). image.jpg The trout have been all over it and I've also managed to trick a few under-slot reds.

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    Like !!

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    This is sort of my version, called the mutton rat and was designed to more imitate a sculpin that the mutton snapper on Key West's flats would eat. There are 3-4 wraps of .030 lead wire on the hook shank. I would also substitute the yellow for burnt orange in the wing.
    Mutton Rat.jpg

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    Had limited success with these... I think they need a bigger head - I haven't figured out the deer hair thing yet but they look perfect! The tail of my fly had great action in the water...

    Haven't figured out the picture thing either....

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