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    Fries are easy.

    Use a Mandolin (I like the shoestring cutting plate) on potatoes (I use russet unpeeled usually)

    Put cut uncooked fries in large container submerged in cold water. Let sit in fridge for a couple hours. Drain water once half way to remove starch (white milky liquid and refill

    use a turkey fryer pot (gonna need the extra room). I like peanut oil as well but its expensive for fries so I usually do fries when I do a big fish fry. I only fill fryer about a 1/4 of the way with oil.

    Get oil hot (325-350)

    Grab fries right out of water (quick shake of dripping water) and straight into oil (Do not dry them). The reason for only 1/4 fill of oil will rear its ugly head......literally! lol. The water on the fries will raise the oil by 1/2 of the pot at first

    Get a cookie sheet with a paper grocery bag on it and dump fries when cooked. Dust with salt or your favorite seasoning if you prefer.

    Let sit a minute and dig in.

    You will not do them any other way again I promise if you like extra crispy fries

    The water on the fries is the key (When it hits the oil it forms a steam barrier around the potato and keeps the starch in so the fries don't stick together and makes them very crispy. Been doin it for 15 years. My dad will eat just a plate of fries with ketchup b4 he dives into the fish.

    Do you think a plastic bag would work, or only paper? Reason being is some places dont give out brown bags like they used too
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    The best aren't fried at all but real sliced potatoes of Your choice cooked on an aluminum grill tray.. Weber knows fries!
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