Bad Weather/Good Bite 7/4
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    Bad Weather/Good Bite 7/4

    Yes, I have been crazy enough to venture out into the weather the past few days.....started out trying to catch bait and had what has been consistently a tough time doing it. Pinfish just swarm my chum but I have not been able to get a net on them. I ended up getting a good couple of dozen oversized pins and a ton of them about the size of your thumb. I never get too caught up in bait and just use what I catch. So, with that in mind we continuued on through a storm with lightening and thunder and bee sting like rain in the face to our first destination.....

    The fish were ready from the get go and I think we ended up catching around 20 drum. The mullet were swarming the shorelines and it always seems like the reds are not far behind, just gotta be patient. There were bites when we had to wait em out and then there were some that hit like we threw it into their mouths.....

    As the tide turned to go out we made a move to a very busy area and pitched out cut baits under corks and the first fish was our best one on the boats came through which probably helped a was good to scout out the area for a future return......

    We gave the spot a lot of time and missed some fish as they were kicking the baits out like they were giving them a bad taste in their mouths....but we hit one last fish off an oyster bar before leaving......

    It was probably stupid to be out there but it was pleasant if you didnt look up into the sky and notice all the dark clouds and weather building all the time......

    I thank the LORD for watching over us and keeping us safe. It was certainly iffy at times.....
    Trust in the LORD and receive HIS many blessings....

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    Looks like a solid day out there... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

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    Beautiful redfish! The weather is absolutely miserable.. We are down in duck key with the wind blowing hard. Dragged the boat down for it to sit on the trailer.

    Stay safe and tight lines!

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    nice job as usual

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