Fresh and Saltwater Extravaganza
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    Fresh and Saltwater Extravaganza

    A few weeks ago my buddy Ben came into town from England to do some Fishing, he was an avid fisherman so we went out in search of some snook. The day started out slow, when we got to one of my favorite creeks on the Caloosahatchee but due to weak tides it was too risky to go in all the way. As we worked some new shorelines Ben managed this nice 20" flounder on live shrimp.

    After that the fishing died down again until a man with a boat wrap for Lobster Lady Seafood in Cape Coral gave us some extremely nice whitebait. After that it was game on with the snook, we managed a 31", 33" and 36" snook in the span of about 30 minutes before it died down again. Here are pics of the 33" and 36".

    Once the snook bite died down the wind picked up, so we decided with his limited time here we should go try and catch him a nice Largemouth Bass, so it was off to the North Cape Canals with a bucket of Live shiners. We caught at least 15 bass Ben managed quite a few small-medium sized bass and in managed to pick up this nice bucket mouth.

    All in all it was an awesome day, it's not everywhere you can catch huge snook and bass all in one day. It makes me glad I've gotten to grow up and live down here in SWFL.

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    Love the picture with the huge snook and the bright blue skies in the background

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    Nice report!

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    Nice work.

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