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    Quote Originally Posted by stc1993 View Post
    Those long range trips get expensive over 1K by the time you pay all the shares of expenses.
    So lets have a little of fun here... lets compare the cost of this trip to going snow skiing

    Snow Skiing in Colorado

    Hotel in Colorado $300/night
    Ski Rentals $50/day
    Lift Pass $150/day
    Food on the mountain...$$$ $15 for a hamburger
    Rental Car

    Trip to Pully Ridge

    No Hotel
    No Rental Car
    No Lift pass
    No Ski Rental
    Fishing 24 hrs a day or till you can't stay awake
    Fish to take home and enjoy for months.....
    Tip for the crew

    Trip to Costa Rica fishing

    Plane Flight $ 400
    Taxi to Los Suenos
    Hotel $150 night (2 people)
    Charter boat charter $1300 per day plus tip
    7 to 9 hrs on the water
    Food at night
    Exit fees

    Point I'm trying to make is that the actual cost of doing a Yankee trip is a joke compared to just about any other vacation/entertainment. I did a long range trip in Alaska and it was $4500 per person... JUST for the charter!

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    People always ask me how much it costs " to go on those trips you go on"
    I break it down for them as follows:
    About $200-$235 for ea. 24 hrs of fishing in virtually unfished waters on a safe boat with great mates, best captain, top of the line in navigational and fish locating equip., your own bunk and rail spot, a/c, showers and great galley with shore prices. Never mind all the great friendships you build over the years. Never mind some of the fish you have a shot at in those waters are just not available elsewhere.

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    Totally love the Yankee Captains trips. I look forward all year, to "fish till I drop" freedom. The cost is very reasonable and the memories are priceless. I learn more on each trip than I would ever learn on my own and apply the techniques to fishing in my own boat. Each year has had different trophies to remember. Last year, a 50 pound king mackerel. Before, a 22 pound queen snapper and 28 pound golden tile. Twelve mutton snappers well over ten pounds each, all caught at one spot!!! It goes on and on. Greg has a quality operation and a strong drive to produce in abundance. Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

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    Here is a report 4o miles NW of Pulley Ridge



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