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    Florida's Ethanol Bill Under Repeal
    Three years ago the state adopted fuel standards requiring that every gallon of gas sold in Florida contain 10 percent ethanol. Now efforts are underway to repeal the requirement.

    State and federal standards require gas stations to sell a mixture of gas and 10 percent ethanol in an attempt to wean drivers off oil.

    But efforts are underway to put that plan in reverse by repealing the 2008 state law that set the standard in Florida.

    Representative Matt Gaetz is leading the charge. He says drivers should be allowed to choose what kind of fuel they want.

    "Consumers ought to be empowered to make the choice about what kind of gas they want in their automobile. If ethanol works, if it's something that can ultimately reduce dependence on foreign oil I'm all for it, but I think the choice ought to belong to the consumer."

    Gaetz' bill passed the House Energy Committee Tuesday on a party line vote, with Democrats trying to keep ethanol in gas and Republicans voting to lift the standard.

    There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Opponents say it takes more than a gallon of gas to produce one gallon of ethanol and biofuel is actually bad for your car's engine. But supporters say the octane in fuel can actually boost your car's performance and lower greenhouse gasses.

    While the facts are being disputed, the message is becoming the focus. Florida's Agriculture Commission says ending the ethanol requirement would send all the wrong signals.

    Supporters of removing the 10 percent requirement say trucking ethanol into Florida from the Midwest does more harm to the environment than good… and until there's a more efficient method, the state is better off with no ethanol requirement.

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    Ethanol free at Gate on US 1 and Palm Valley Road has been $4.28 for at least a month.

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    List of Gate stores offering E-Free fuel in our area, map can be found here

    GATE #1214
    463779 SR 200
    Yulee, FL

    GATE #1193
    4100 Heckscher Drive
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1203
    1001 Monument Road
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1110
    10044 Atlantic Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1206
    4511 San Juan Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1115
    9540 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1160
    3210 U.S. Hwy 17 S.
    Orange Park, FL

    GATE #1136
    2940 County Road 136
    White Springs, FL

    GATE #1209
    12548 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL

    GATE #1202
    10970 US Hwy 1 North (Palm Valley & 210)
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    GATE #1207
    2350 State Road 16
    St. Augustine, FL

    GATE #1208
    1900 Mizell Road (State Road 312)
    St. Augustine, FL
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    Gate has an app for that. Real time price also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolferuns View Post
    Saw on line that the Florida Legislature is trying to repeal the ethynol requirement in gas for the state of Florida.
    I hope they do! After the repairs I have had to my engine, I wouldn't think about putting ethanol in my tank or my Lawn mower.

    This is one of the biggest crock of S%&$ lies ever sold the American people.
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