New chip lost info loading PC app

ceeyaceeya Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I was directed here by a buddy. I bought a new HDS7 gen2 and a Platinum+ chip to replace my Gold. I got home went to the Navionics site and saw a PC app and thought I would see if there were any updates load the app. LONG story short the app wont load and my chip is now blank. I understand this has happened to others so I am not as freaked out as I was but I need some help correcting this. At this point I dont need the app but it would be nice. I thank you in advance for your help


  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 189 Officer
    PC App would download directly onto your computer and shouldnt have any affect on the chip. Havent heard of this happening to any. Possible there was some kind of error in uploading Freshest data. Not usually but its possible. PC app you want to make sure you load just onto your laptop and not to the card or alter the card in any way other than fresh data. Any messing with the card throws off a friewall and voids the card.

    Email or call our customer service department and they will work with you on getting it corrected. they are a little backed up so might take a few days.
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    Thank you for your reply do you have a contact #for Customer service? There is no customer service # anywhere only sales and they are open 9:30-4:30( I work 7:30-4:30) and when I try to leave a message I get disconnected (5 different times) when I attempt to email I need to load a 2003 outlook and it will not go through. If you google this issue it happens allot. If I would have done so before I would never have attempted to load the app. The app that comes with the price of the card will not load without inserting the card into the reader then into the computer. I will use the card in my unit and that is what it is for I will not attempt to load updates that come with the card as I don't want to lose the info again. I returned the card to the store I bought it from and the Manager said he has seen this before. After 3 weeks I will be able to use the card. I am glad I did not order this online or I would have a useless card. I am sorry if this appears to be short but but frustrating is an understatement.
  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 189 Officer
    Something definitely not right. Nothing on the card will vanish. What store was this as I would love to call the store manager and chat with him on it. Unless something is attempted to be saved to the card, the freshest data updates, will not hurt the card at all or erase anything. if you tried to save waypoints on the card, that could have done it.
    customer service is 800-848-5896

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