Frustrating Day - Saved by a decent gaffer

Got hooked up while out at Bug Light by my buddys "slip neighbor" who blacked out our well...good thing b/c Jimmy was in one of those "not dealing with anybody" moods and we didnt bring the cast net or chum yesterday.

About 1500 we see a flock of birds and a couple frigates and some skippies busting. Excited as bleep, we set up for tuna and by the time we get there the tuna went deep and the birds left :huh FML

Regrouped and in 2200 we see another flock of birds and bait busting...set up and, anddddd nothing. Nothing trolling, tried live baiting, tried jigging...nothing.

Regrouped again and in about 1800 we see a big piece of wood holding some bait....sameeeee story...nothing and we tried every method once again.

Regrouped againnnn and decided to blind troll at 1000 while heading shallow....well at least some action, but end result is no fish in the cooler. On 2 different occasions we hooked single peanut mahi and neither time did they have any family with them :banghead

At this point, im wasted lol When you drive around and troll with not much action, a lot of beer tends to go down...especially on a hot day.

In 800 around the DD we see a LONG weedline...longest i think ive ever seen, went on for miles. 5 minutes into the troll we hook up and our day is saved with a nice gaffer size mahi...only problem is we didnt have a gaff lol (left it). So i basically leave the fish in the water for an extra 10 minutes on light drag to let her get tired and my buddy finally puts on some gloves and grabs her by the tail and throws her into the boat...pretty ridiculous...whats even more ridiculous was my reaction after catching ONE mahi lmao...a combination of being drunk and excited we finally put a fish in the cooler was the cause.....beatiful day out on the water...tight lines


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