8/18/12 Naples Offshore Grouper and Hogs!

Went out this past Saturday for the 4th weekend in a row with Dan (Dcheek2112) and our normal grouper diggin' crew, along with 2 other guys which was there first trip on my boat. The plan was to do some diving/spearing and some hook and line in between dives. We had some new spots we found in 120ish ft of water a few weeks ago that we wanted to dive and see what was down there. We loaded the live well with some pins and a few random white baits and headed out. Got to the spot around 9am or so and did a few drifts and put a couple nice fish in the boat. Myself and the 2 other divers suited up and went down. The bottom was swiss cheese with deep holes/cracks. A couple nice grouper were shot on the first spot, one 17lbs. Moved on to the next spot and did some drifts, and only got one or two fish and not many bits. We decided to move on and not dive this spot. We began to scout new grounds and look for the next honey hole. We drove around and marked a few spots and tried them with no luck on some and only one or two fish off others. All the fish were of decent size though. We ended up having a slow period in the day when the current was ripping and the drift was a little fast to fish. We found another good spot with a good show and decided to dive this in 125ft. 3 nice grouper were taken here along with a decent amount of fish put in the boat on hook and line. This new little spot basically filled our limit for us. We decided to run in to the 70-80ft range and try a ledge to see if we could get a gag or two to finish the limit of grouper off and try for some mangs. Got there and set anchor and all divers got in the water immediatly because we were loosing light fast. Nice ledge with lots of life. The hogs were shot here and the mang. One keeper gag was there but was too fast. Pulled anchor and headed in making it to the dock about 9pm. Long day starting at 4:30am!! Finished with 21 RG up to 19lbs and a few hog fish and one decent mang. We had caught our limit but threw back some of the 22-24" fish looking for bigger. :) Having been out the last few weekends, we are going to wait to go out for a few weeks. Until then I look forward to reading others reports. Tight Lines.


Here are some pictures to go with the fish tale.

The Crew with the fish

The Hogs and Mang


  • Naples SpearoNaples Spearo Posts: 112 Officer
    i have a little video of the day....ill have it up in the next few hours
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Another fine report and good amount of fish ! Thanks for sharing !
  • Naples SpearoNaples Spearo Posts: 112 Officer
    here is the link to the video one of the guys put together....just a lil short one....... some of the footage got lost so this is what he had.....
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    cool video. would like to see some footage of the bottom ledges and cracks.
  • Naples SpearoNaples Spearo Posts: 112 Officer
    nuclearfishn, i forgot my camera in my truck, i was pretty bummed because i knew at 125' the visibility would be awesome. I have some video of ledges and cracks, but they are from other trips. If you want to see some of what the bottom looks like in this area, PM me and ill upload some videos on youtube that are unedited and you can see the live bottom, cracks, ledges and holes... let me know... I will have more footage in the next few weeks.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    You guys are dialed into the red grouper fishing. Great work!
  • grwper58grwper58 Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Looks like the pro's loaded up
    And found the RG party
    Awesome pics looking forward to
    your next post

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