Dolphin and kings out of Boynton 8/12

Called my buddy Chris and Alan on Saturday and made plans to fish Sunday hoping we would not get rained out. We got to the ramp at 6:40 and went for bait in front of the inlet, it was loaded with sardines and gogs , picked up about a dozen and a half and started trolling. The idea was to troll for wahoo and possibly pick up a few kings in between. Headed north and right away planer pops in 125 ft in front of the inlet and first King fish in the boat , he hit a strip with pink skirt. We circle back around and a few minutes later we have our second king in the boat, it hit the same planer again. We got another hit after that and lost him pulling him over the transom:banghead. We starting trolling south towards Delray, still hoping for a wahoo, found a nice edge in about 350, but produced nothing. After about another hour , we decided to pull lines in and head off shore and look for some dolphin. We headed out to around 850ft on flat, calm seas and see a few boats in the area trolling, one boat is stopped and fighting a dolphin, trying to stay a few hundred feet away from him , we put out our spread and started trolling around the area. We pass threw some birds and immediately are hooked up on two poles. I pull Chris's dolphin in the boat and then help Alan with his fish, after a few minutes, gaffed his and brought a nice 16 # bull over the side and in the boat:grin high fives all around. We get the lines back in the water and continue to circle the area, we noticed a five gallon pail in the distance, trolled pass it and immediately hooked up again, we had two nice ones on and after about a minute or so of fighting them the first spits the hook and then the other one gets off, then the two out riggers go off, but they were barely keepers so we let them go. We were going to make another pass, but the boat we originally saw fighting the fish earlier came up on the bucket and parked his boat, considering that bucket is probably what started all this action , we decided to let them have it and move on , we were just happy to get some quality fish in the boat and have some fun. We went farther off shore to about 1300ft, not seeing much else, we decided to started heading in, seeing it was already around 2pm and we didn't want to get caught in any storms.
As we were heading back in , in about 900ft we see some birds diving, so we put our baits out and troll towards them , as i got closer i just about ran over it, i noticed something sticking out of the water, it was a piece of bamboo floating vertically , loaded with bar jacks and triple tail, as i went over it , we hooked up on two more dolphins and got them in the cooler. I decided to pull up to the bamboo and let the remaining of our live baits out. I hooked into a small peanut that ate a goggle eye and i just kept him in the water. We ended up getting one more hit, but also a peanut and the bar jacks were huge and kept eating our baits, so we decided to pack up and head in.
Finally getting back to the boat ramp around 3:30 , it was a cluster f#@# as usual on a weekend, and even though it was storming everywhere around us, we were still dry, but not for long, the sky opened up and we got soaked, besides that it was just a beautiful day out, so much for weather reports. I should have some video in a few days or so.
Final tally:
Kings 2/3
Dolphin 7/10


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