Epic Day In The Water! 8/5/12

Went out to wade the west side this morning and we were kind of surprised to see the wind blowing as hard as it was, white capping at 7:15am. Bait schools were still getting busted all around and we got 10 trout, all in slot with the exception of 1 over slot. Also got the biggest ladyfish that I've ever seen, even pulled some drag! Then my buddy hooks up and the fish takes off! Peeling drag and I knew right away it was a snook. After a great fight, we grab it and snap some quick pics before it kicks off strong! His biggest snook ever, at 33 inches. Now the wind is blowing even harder so we walk over to a line of docks and start fishing them. A few docks with not much happening, but then we came to one and the bite was on! We start hooking up right away, my buddy gets 3 snook in less than 10 minutes, then I get back to back snook, one of which was just under slot. We would end up getting 6 snook on the dock, but hooking 12 of them. Then my buddy hooks one that keeps digging, and we see it's a redfish! I quickly grab the slot red that completes his 1st ever slam! We hit one more dock before we leave and my buddy once again has the drag screaming off his reel. We chase it through a dock and it turns out to be a bigger jack. So we call it a day with 12 trout, 7 snook, 1 red and the regular trash fish! All fish were caught on MirrOdines!



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