7-23 downtown trout

went out yesterday evening for a couple of hours to a downtown trout hole and wore the trout out, solid actoin from the first couple of casts to the last cast. started out throwing top dog jrs and mirrodines and thats all we had to use. we caught over 30 specks then switched to plastics and caught a bunch of yellowmouth, i dont know how many we caught but it had to be over 50 being that we doubled up on 15-21 inch yellows just about every time it got near the bottom. we were using 1/4 oz jigs with gulp shrimp, ran out of those and just basicly started using any plastic we could find in our tackle bags. the yellows were eating them all didnt matter what color or style as long as it hit bottom, fishing rocks and structure 5-8 ft of water, theres a ton of trout up river, im going to get my kids on the yellowmouth this week pretty simple fishing for the kids, catch em up.


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