FPI 6-21-12 Redfish, snook and WIND

Hello fellow forum readers - had a half day on tap that was rescheduled from Weds due to weather. Today was much nicer although plenty windy. Hit the inlet this morning and dragged some lures in hopes of scoring a grouper or two but there was a ton of floating crud riding the incoming tide which made keeping the deep divers clean impossible. So we turned to drifting to make use of our livewell full of nice pilchards - Thank you Dave's Live Bait! It took a few drifts but we eventually located some fish including a couple of oversized redfish, a snook and some slob jacks. Our guests had a good time and we made the most of a few hours on the water. Was able to take a few photos though it was too hectic at times for picture taking, and hectic is a good thing when its fishing.

The office window.


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