Miami Mutton Report Fridays trip 6/15/12

Here’s Fridays report, went out of Gov cut headed to the bent marker and filled the well with a bunch of thread hearing, some real big ones. Then headed south the ocean was nice and an overcast morning made it stay cool, for most of the morning. I was riding a diesel boat that was toping 19 kts, but was a solid fishing machine. The anglers where Robert and his daughter Alexandra,. we hit the first spot and after a short demo and instructions, Alex had her first huge yellowtail her biggest ever heading to the gaff reach, she did a great job and followed instructions, which gave her the power to reel one in after another until she wanted to take a brake. Her dad Robert tried it also and had a huge yellowtail coming up and the shark took most of it leaving only a Quarter of the fish that was around two pounds. After the shark scared them away and we could not get them to hit consistently again so I decided to take them to another spot that was going to keep them busy reeling. So we get there to the spot, in 60 feet and there are 3 boats around the spot and the current was faster than a would of liked and one boat is catching tails. So I put down the chum and started to make the fish come behind our boat, after a 20 min chum war, finally Alex got into action as her dad was fishing on the bottom with no hits yet. She was catching one, while I had the next rod ready with a bait, after landing the fish, I gave her the next rod baited and by the time, I took one fish of the hook and bait the other rod, she would have another one hooked and coming in. After running out of chum we went deep to gat a shot at some grouper or muttons. After a few minutes at this spot in deep water, Robert gets a hit and is looking like a nice fish, he fights it up to my gaff reach and up came a nice black grouper to top off the days catch. we headed back after running out of time and on the ways we were hit, by a strong storm that didn’t last very long, thank god it rained so hard it felt like needles in our face, and thunder and lightning were all around us for a few minutes too, but finally everything passed and the story had a happy ending. Here are some pics, for more Google MiamimuttonmanPhoto1139.jpgPhoto1136-1.jpgPhoto1137-1.jpgPhoto1153.jpg


  • chiliandochiliando Posts: 609 Officer
    Thanks for the report. Out of Goverment cut! I have yet to try to yellowtail over there. Nice looking fish......
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    the one that went to weight watchers was a nice fish..
  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    Nice job putting them on fish! Looks like a good day to me.
  • 4PLAY4PLAY Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    I'll take a pair like that any day....
  • HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,601 Officer
    best report EVER.
  • H00kedupH00kedup Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Pic #1: Beautiful snapper............and the fish are nice too

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