6/3/12 - American Red Snapper Run - First of the Season

Mission accomplished today, left the dock at 5:45AM (back by 6:00 PM), ran 54 miles out to 155 - 160 feet.. Got our limit today on American Red Snapper (12) to about 10 lbs, 8 Mahi Mahi, 7 Red Grouper to 18 lbs, 3 Scamp to 10 lbs and a variety of other good stuff. Just finished having some Mahi on the grill.....excellent!!! Can't wait to run off again.

Tight lines.....


  • sleepybearsleepybear Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Sweet work, J! Went out today 20 miles, red grouper to 12 lbs. I wouldn't want to clean all your fish after a day on water.
  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,805 Captain
    Great job guys!! Nice red
  • E.R. A/CE.R. A/C Posts: 81 Greenhorn
    Nice cooler full of tasty fish. :)
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    Nice job. You'll be eating fish for a long time.
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Looks like you had a killer day !!!
  • ricksterrickster Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    Wow nice haul for sure!
  • nuk3fixrnuk3fixr Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Sweet !!
  • swaptrexswaptrex Posts: 197 Officer
    Nice catch, that's a haul! What'd you use?
  • JSTickumJSTickum Posts: 408 Deckhand
    Nice , way to make the best out of your fuel , fill the box and then the freezer , sweet and tasty
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    swaptrex wrote: »
    Nice catch, that's a haul! What'd you use?

    Cut bait (squid & sardines), Pinfish, Cut Bonita and Tsunami Facet Jigs. Quality fish came on everything with the exception of the Scamp which all ate Pinfish.

    The Tsunami Jigs were tipped with squid.
  • gitnerdungitnerdun Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Looks like the weather was good. Nice catch. Are those really big kids or small beanbags?
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    That's awesome Jeff. Can't get any better than that!
  • Blue MagicBlue Magic Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    There is no way you caught those fish in the Gulf..........The Red Snapper are extinct........Nice job Jeff...Old Reliable is still holding those extinct fish..LOL
    Blue Magic Marine Detailing
  • BluefinBluefin Posts: 115 Officer
    Outstanding catch.
  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Looks like you wore those youngins out. Beautiful fish.
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    sagory wrote: »
    Looks like you wore those youngins out. Beautiful fish.

    Sure did but all three can't wait to go again. Hope to make at least one more run before the season ends. Come on wind gods give us another nice weekend soon.....PLEASE!
  • goddfaddagoddfadda Posts: 111 Officer
    Awesome job on the snapper. That scamp is a beauty!

    Hope to be out there again soon but this weather is just not cooperating. Wonder if we'll get a season refund for these lost red snapper days. Yea right.
  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Nice Catch!
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  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    Scamp and ARS..doesn't get much better then that...the rest aren't to bad either..congrats on a nice day..good to see young men fishing also.:thumbsup
    Capt Bill
  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,061 Officer
    what part of sw fl did you fish little more detail
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    tileman wrote: »
    what part of sw fl did you fish little more detail

    This time we ran out of Big Pass in Sarasota and headed WSW. We also run out of the Venice Jetties sometimes.
  • therobertbrookstherobertbrooks Posts: 285 Officer
    Awesome catch!
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 1,810 Captain
    Kids can't hang with the old man. I like it...Great job.
    In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013
  • Brasco116Brasco116 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    how much fuel do you go through on a trip like that?
  • goddfaddagoddfadda Posts: 111 Officer
    I can't speak for Angler Systems but I can tell you I was also in 150 feet the other day approximately 48 miles (so roughly 100 miles total) and we burned 55 gallons total with twin yamaha 250's averaging 3200 rpm at 34 mph. My marina charges 4.39 per gallon, so we burned close to $250 for the trip. These trips are prohibitive and costly... enough to keep red snapper season open year round on our coast IMO.
  • WynWyn Posts: 53 Deckhand
    godfadda, I have a 31 Contender with twin Yamaha 250 four stroke. I burn 22 gal/hr at 4200 rpm and run 30 mph. Do you have two strokes? If you have four strokes, what's the set up to get 19 gal/hr running 34mph at 3200 rpm. thanks
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    Brasco116 wrote: »
    how much fuel do you go through on a trip like that?

    Dock to Dock we burnt 104 gallons which was about 6 gallons more than I thought we would. The additional fuel burn was due to higher sea's for the first part of the mornings run.

    We did essentially the same trip 4 weeks later and burnt 102 gallons but went a little further. On this trip we ran back never below 40 mph and at time up to 59 mph.
  • Mr. DemeanorMr. Demeanor Posts: 370 Officer
    We did this run in my single engine Fountain and burned 65 gallons loaded heavy averaging right about 2mpg. We probably averaged just under 35mph.I had some pitch taken out of the prop and it was slipping in the cruise speed zone that cost us some extra fuel. Prop shop is adding a little cup back in. Water conditions play a big role in the fuel burn too. Im usually closer to 2.5mpg and have sen as a high as 3.5mpg loaded light cruising the ICW.
    The nice part about having a boat that isnt as fast is there is not the temptation to hammer down and get home in a hurry. 30mph vs. 35mph isnt going to change your day.
  • natecertnatecert Posts: 204 Deckhand
    I have a 27 cc with twin 150 1996 carbed motors. My burn is constant 1.4 mpg. I run 3200 rpm @ 27-28 mph To 3600 rpm @ 32mph. The only time I use more fuel is under non planing conditions of heavy seas. I have always kept a log for each fill up and fuel used. The fuel gage is just for show. When I fill I know w/in 1.5 gal and have trip alarm set for 85 mile to let me know I am near the safe limit. Total useable fuel in both tamks is 72 gal. This gives me a 30 mile safety range.
  • goddfaddagoddfadda Posts: 111 Officer
    Wyn I have a 2006 27' Grady White 273 Chase (CC) with twin Yamaha 250 4 strokes, also year 2006. I get optimal fuel burn in the 3200-3500 neighborhood @ 32-35mph. The boat's top speed is 58-60 mph at 5500 rpm. But say bye bye to the fuel! The original owner overpowered the boat I think because it was supposed to ship with twin 150's upgradeable to 200's. Somehow he got 250s on there. The beam is only 8' 6" so they look kind of ridiculous!

    The props are stock Yamaha but I'm not sure the model, etc.

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