North IRL 5/20

Headed out with my buddy Bill in his boat today to look for some fish for a few hours. We started a little later than we wanted to, and made it to the spot at about 7am. Found out the trolling motor batteries took a dump, and it costed us another 30 minutes of primetime, although I managed about 10 casts with a skitter walk and boated a nice 18" trout and had 3 blow ups on other casts. Had to change plans a little due to no trolling motor and we were fishing in a 19' bay boat. We managed to make the best of it, and threw topwater and soft plastics to the tune of 7 trout from18-24" and 6 reds 20-22". We called it quits at 11 and headed back to orlando to fix the trolling motor issue for the next time. Was another great day on the IRL.


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