5-18-12 south jax beach intracostal

Caught this 14lb drum, 3-4lb red tonight, and baby tarpon from a few days ago. All on dead shrimp on the bottom. Not to mention, couple of bass
pinfish, and baby croakers. fun night
Don't ask me why my kids are fishing in their underwear....I might try it to find out what all the fuss is about..:)


  • seajay-1seajay-1 Posts: 4,729 Captain
    Good stuff. were all those out of the backyard pond?. The BVD action pics are classic.
  • pilingjunkypilingjunky Posts: 2,044 Officer
    That neighborhood is such a cool place. Sheepshead, reds, tarpon, drum, bass, bream all in one place. Very cool!
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,262 Captain
    yes, my kids (and me) are lucky that we able to fish like that from my dad's backyard. I wish I had that when I was a kid.
    I've even caught snook, flounder and a sea trout.
  • JW_Ivey01JW_Ivey01 Posts: 154 Officer
    Cool spot and nice report. Kids look like they are having a blast.:thumbsup
  • reelhookerreelhooker Posts: 644 Officer
    Way to put the kids on the fish dad! Looks like I need to start fishing in my underwear too. Thank you for sharing the post.
  • angleraustinangleraustin Posts: 87 Deckhand
    Fish hard! 17cc Triumph 60hp Yamaha 4 stroke[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • I FA DATI FA DAT Posts: 553 Officer
    Great Job! Looks like a fun spot.:thumbsup
  • BottomBumpinBottomBumpin Posts: 905 Officer
    HAHA! that is awesome!!! :Rockon :Rockon :Rockon

    let us know how the underwear fishing goes and share the pics!!!!!
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    That little tarpon looks ****
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,262 Captain
    Element wrote: »
    That little tarpon looks ****

    yeah...he fought good and jumped like crazy. We caught a 15lber back there a few years back.
    That was a 15 minute battle.
  • kajokajo Posts: 4,619 Moderator
    still trips me out that ou are catching that in a pond..
    julington creek carpet care

  • SaltLifeClintSaltLifeClint Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I love fishing in my underwear....I am glad to see it catching on...I think the fish just give up when they see 300lbs fishing fury wearing Fruit of the Loom coming at them..:backpeddling
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,262 Captain
    Technically, it's not a pond since it's tidal. It would be considered a lagoon. It's crazy to see how these fish
    get back there with some of the shallow areas. They must follow bait as well as the tide.
  • Lil WigglerLil Wiggler Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Those boys are fish catchin' machines! :)
    Erin Workman Pierce
    Strike-Zone Fishing

    11702 Beach Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32246
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,262 Captain
    that's what I should name my boat..Fruit of the loom haha
  • Dakodah1Dakodah1 Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    what were you using to catch these fish live bait or artificial
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,262 Captain
    I think we were using dead shrimp. It could have been live. It was back in May so I don't remember. I know it was shrimp..

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