Snookin the St. Lucie, SE Bash!

Hey everyone, That was a great tournament, I can't wait to do it again next year. Although I did not fish the tournament, I got to be one of the guys checking in the fish at the weigh in.. If was fun mainly because I was just as anxious to see who was taking the leader board, as I was trying to load the pics on the computer. Some really nice fish where caught. I didn't get much time to speak at the tournament, but I want to remind everyone who reads this to log your snook catches on the They are trying to collect data on your fishing trips under the angler action menu. Plus they send you free lures when you have a really cool picture. I have already gotten like $50 bucks worth of bombers. Also, they are holding a tournament for anyone for logs their catch during the entire month of June. You can win a sweet boat! & a bunch of other cool stuff. There is going to be a nice party at river palms in Jensen beach at the beginning of July on the 7th. You can sign up on the snook foundation website. Good Luck, cuz I'm fishing that one lol..

Well since I didn't fish that morning I was very anxious to get in the water, but had to run to my sons baseball game at four pm after the Bash so, Mothers day rolled around, took the Fam. out to the sand bar, but was forbidden even to snapper fish! So it was cheese burgers & soft pretzels for me. Finally after working to clean up my pile of a desk today, it was time for my 4 O Clock Charter. Wouldn't you know it, as I am waiting for them to show up, I hear Thunder, so I check the radar & this Monster of a Thunder head is developing right over the whole county.. Well they showed up ready to battle mother nature, so we headed out toward some area where we could find shelter if we needed too. stopped by a local sandbar to pick up some mullet around Sewalls point, While they waited I had one put out a live mullet & the other a live shrimp. Before I could walk away we had ladyfish on & shortly after that a nice mutton Snapper took a shrimp. He came up an inch short, but we hooked him in the trough off a bar. Got another lady fish when a cuda came calling. He was only a foot and a half long. Got cut to pieces by another cuda. After filling up on two dozen Mullet. I headed out to some of my favorite seawalls only to find them slightly vacant of snook. I have a feeling they have been out on the flats lately. Plus, I have been seeing tons of them in really shallow water up in the sand holes on Stuart Flats.. Tried fishing for some more snapper & got a few keepers, but there was a Birthday on Board and snook were on his wish list, so After getting one big bite on a mullet, the storm seemed to be moving south east over Hobe sound, so I decided to run up the river back up the St. Lucie. We stopped at one sewall & put out a mullet, As soon as the mullet hit the water it went down some fishes throat! We tried horsing it out but it threw the hook on us. We stopped by three other walls but couldn't find any takers so, As evening turned into dark, I hit up one of my night spots.. Toss up a live shrimp & Bam! We are on! Fish always seem to fight better when you use ten pound mono with a 30 pound leader, Well that is exactly what we were doing! By the time we finished dancing around the boat, I got the net under the snook & pulled in our first keeper a little over 28 inches! Next Cast Bam!
It was like dancing with the stars, We pulled another keeper in, but this one was almost 29 inches.! After losing a handful of fish to pilings he wanted more so we moved on to the next light. One cast, Bam! Keeper snook come flying out of the water, runs him all over the boat, a spits the hook! Then Dad hooks up with a big one! Around and around we go! He gnaws right through the leader! We ended up catching four more but they were short & ended it on a double hook up then decided to head back to the dock to fillet up tomorrows fish tacos! It was a fun night & we left plenty of snook out there. Only 15 more days to get one! Better get you some!


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