Advice? Kayak fishing-Little Torch Key

I'm going to be heading down with the family next week for a week on Little Torch Key. I am going to have a kayak, I fish a lot so I know generally what I'm doing but I've never fished in te keys before. Any advice would be much appreciated. Obviously not looking for any secret spots just some advice so maybe te learning curve would be a little shorter. Thanks a lot!!!


  • razorreilly09razorreilly09 Posts: 8,401 Officer
    There is a free ramp at the end of Blimp road I believe it is, that has some islands and flats nearby.
    Yep, put in a few times at the ramp at Blimp Road. Never went to the right ("east") ... always paddled to the left around Fat Albert the blimp. LOTS of fishy areas once you pass all the "Hey Knucklehead ... You Can't Fish Here" signs the guvmint has posted. Always depending on the wind but not a bad paddle otherwise. I've seen Bonz, Cuda, Tarpon to 5 feet, Nurse Sharks, etc, etc.

    I hear "somewhere" to the right is some Tarpon that homestead in the area. Can't confirm that .... yet!! Stay tuned. :)
    Pick up a copy or order through Amazon The Florida Keys Paddling Guide ~~~ by Keogh LOTS of kayak/canoe launch sites with maps and explanations both current and historical about the areas depicted. Worth the $$$!!!
  • crevalle88crevalle88 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Thanks very much guys-just ordered the keough book. Any tips of techniques/methods-I have the usual variety of Gulp stuff, other arties plus definitely not above dead or live bait. I know it's the height of tarpon season-what else is around? Jacks, trout? Again, thanks.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    try the spanish harbor bridge on the east side of big pine i know one of the staff guys from big pine fishing lodge dumps the days catch in the channel get their early 7am between 8am when he dumps, if you get some king or any kind of mackeral filet or carcass and or dolphin belly great chance at big tarpon or sharks and if you try the flat just south of thier good for casting for tarpon, bones and maybe a permit if lucky, good luck. oh and ive caught tons of snook on the incoming tide my pic for the avatar is from that spot, on the west wall of spanish harbor bridge late in the day seen many reds and small tarpon just flowing with the tide but can be a bit picky, let me know how you do, ill be down their first two weeks of june
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    I'm actually on Grassy key as I type this. Didn't have much luck since we've been here until today. Got some small hooks and cut bait and hit the mangrove shores around some of the islands just west of Islamarada and pulled in a few nice mangrove snappers for dinner tonight. I managed two smaller mangroves on gulp shrimp yesterday, and my fishing buddy got a medium sized cuda on one as well.

    Its been windy since we've been here though. Pretty much sucks, and I'm not sure I'd bring the yaks again. You really need a boat here IMHO. Traversing under the bridges in a kayak is fun though!
  • kempsharkkempshark Posts: 125 Deckhand
    Find some structure (i.e. patch reefs, rocks, etc) in some deeper water within paddling distance of shore. For starters, you can fish some decent rockpiles just off the beach down at the end of Boca Chica Rd. Just turn left at the Circle K at MM10. There are some better areas to be found, but this is a decent start. I have one area where we have routinely caught keeper yellowtail, mangroves, some red grouper right at 20", and even a 24" mutton......all in water 5-12 feet deep and all off artificial lures (jigs). As far as bonefish and permit.....well, it can obviously be done from a yak, but it will require more patience, stealth, and paddling..........tarpon shouldn't be too difficult, but I would think livebait would make catching a pooner from the yak much easier.
    Nah.....I'll eat Hellmann's. :wink

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