Cobia Trip 5-4-12

Well the last time my buddy and I were going to go hunting, we had some problems! Lucky this trip was "hiccup" free. Left San Pablo area around 7...hit the inlet by 8. HUGE Torpedo Pogey just S of the inlet. Loaded up and went offshore. Went to our grouper honeyhole near 9 mile. Doubled up Grouper/ARS within 5 minutes. Had some GoPro malfunctions so didn't get a pick! Hope they open up the Reds again! Slowed up a bit while we tried to anchor. Had the first cobia swim right up to the boat...after a few croaker/pinfish rejections, swallowed Wes' Pogey up in a heartbeat. 35 inches! Had a hard time dealing with Dive boats for spots! I guess they have the right to pull up next to you during your drift and dump a diver???
Ran out to 15 miles and caught another on a wreck. Headed inshore to try and sightfish....NADA. Plenty of Pogey pods and Bluefish! Glad we caught some meat before coming to the beach! Seas were a bit sloppy! Not the best sighting weather! Judging by some other reports, Sounds like we did alright. Some of the files are too large....these few made it!




  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,376 Officer
    Good job man! Sucks about the boats moving in on you but looks like you made the most of it. I'm gonna be out there with the girlfriend in the morning.
    I am a diver and twice in my life I had a captain do that. I told each one that was BS and never dove with them again and told everyone I could not to go with them. But to be fair that tactic is not just dive boats. I've had H&L guys pull up within casting distance to us with divers about to surface. If you think manatees don't like to be hit with spinning props I am here to tell you people aren't real fond of it either. Good job catching some nice fish.

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