Need some Help With Poons!

Hey guys now that my family got a boat and it will be done in a week and its about tarpon season. I want to catch a ****. I can run from bocagrande pass to sarasota bay and anywhere in between. I will be launching from Marine Dynamics out in englewood for the rest of this month till boat lift is done. I know people use small blue crabs but i rely have no idea what else to do besides pinfish. Im not sure where the tarpon are running right now and where to go? if someone can help me out please send me a message thanks guys.:hail


  • Knight PatrolKnight Patrol Posts: 38 Deckhand
    Just find the pack of boats in the pass and get right next to them :)
  • fishingkid315fishingkid315 Posts: 1,927 Officer
    Ok thanks man!
    Just find the pack of boats in the pass and get right next to them :)
  • fishonfishon Posts: 923 Officer
    The more attractive the ladies on your boat the closer the pack of boats wish you to be to them. For goodness sakes never take a group of hard tails to the pass and snuggle up into the pack, not good fishing manners! Goodluck with your ****.
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    Don't do that. Not a good idea at all. The pass is not some place a new boat owner should try to figure the **** gig out. If you do some research on the forums you will find tons of information on **** fishing. I would recommend you hire a guide who fishes the way you will be fishing in your boat and begin to learn the game that way. If you do want to fish the pass, get with a guide that does that. If you think you will be more a beach or back bay guy, find someone that does that. The money spent on that one day will save you probably years of hit and miss learning. Just my 2 cents.

    Poons will be all over where your boat is from now until late June. Then they scatter a little more but will be around all summer long and resident fish are there all year long. Crab flushes around the new and full moon can be some of the most exciting events in the pass areas because the buffet line can be incredible. Fishing the beaches you will find people use just about anything from shrimp, ladyfish, pinfish, threadfins, white bait, live sardines...too fresh dead shad, catfish tails, etc... So different techniques will use different types of baits.

    Research, be super respectful, and enjoy. It is an addicting obsession you are about to begin so be careful.
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  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 413 Deckhand

    Dear FishingKid,

    you definitely don't want to try Boca Grande pass. It is a mess, and a technical challenge. Neither to you have to hire a $600 guide. You can easily find articles about rods, leader, hooks. Run anywhere at the earliest crack of dawn and park about 50 yards off the beach, facing out. East winds are best. Drift. You'll see all your fellow anglers strung along with you. You will see pods of tarpon rolling along (maybe one pod an hour), and that will help you get the exact distance to be off the beach. Cast crabs at the pods you can approach (slowly, quietly, with trolling motor). Often, you might get only a few casts a day. Meanwhile, leave a pinfish free-lining off a rod holder. Put it on a popping cork, about 6 feet deep. You will hook a tarpon on that.


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