Flamingo 4-28-2012 report

Against my better judgement, I hooked up the boat and headed south despite the call for wind and rain. I decided to try one of the outside banks and managed to catch a half dozen trout, a nice mack and a bunch of 14" range mangos, we took a few of those home for dinner. Nothing like a whole fried snapper fried to a crisp. Things started to get sloppy with the wind honkin' at 25+... and that point my moonlighter push pole snapped... ****!!! There's another few hundred bucks! We headed back inside and I decided to give a couple of spots a try near Snake Bight before heading back in.... we caught more trout and one nice red and called it a day.


  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Nice job on the Red!!! I think i woulda rather been fishing than attending kids birthday parties all weekend...at least ya got out!!!

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