Anna Maria Island for the first time... need some advice

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and have a house on Anna Maria Island for the first week of June. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as far as where to go, what bait to use, what to expect to catch that time of year, etc. I live in NC and usually surf and kayak fish the OBX, but this will be my first time fishing in FL. The house I have rented is a stones throw from the Rod N Reel Pier and Bean Point, so I'm sure I'll be headed to those places. I'm also bringing my kayak which is rigged for fishing and plan on hitting the bay and the flats. Seriously, ANY advice will be appreciated and welcomed.


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    i don't fish from a kayak I'm afraid but I'll be hitting the flats in my skiff for most of May for the tarpon on fly. if you like big stuff, gear up for these as they will be cruising the beaches and flats! Good luck,

  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Fishing will be good that time of year. Bean point will be loaded with tarpon and there should be snook on the beach. The current gets real strong through the pass so be mindful of that if your in the kayak. I think you'll love the island. I've lived here for over forty years and although it has changed quite a bit it's still a great place to call home. There is a kayak launch in Bradenton beach at Herb Dolan park (26th street I think). Those flats and docks can be good for trout and redfish. Duffys has a great burger. Island discount tackle in central holmes beach is the local tackle shop. Those guys will point you in the right direction. Don't speed in anna Maria (the city you are staying in) 25mph and the sheriff will ticket you quick. It's 35 on the rest of the island. Have fun I hope this helps
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    Shark fishing at Bean Point. (If you'll be parking there, look carefully for the street signs that allow you to park in people's yards. They are easy to miss, and it doesn't feel right...but follow the signs instructions in the couple blocks nearest Bean Point)
    Drifting 300-600 feet from shore up or down beach each (calm) morning.

    You can paste these coordinates into Google Earth or Google Maps
    There is some debris around the corner from Bean Point here: 27° 32.154'N, 82° 44.051'W (450 off beach in 6-8 ft...Kinda sparse but known for flounder, which are thriving in the Bay lately, especially at night)
    All the edges of this flat, a little farther around the corner: 27° 31.484'N, 82° 42.310'W (may or may not feel exposed here...good fishing, though)
    Wreck off the beach in the Gulf: 27° 28.145'N, 82° 42.131'W (560 feet off Beach.20ft..*usually* marked w/ buoy. Found a youtube video of it...Volume warning)
    Patches off end of 3rd long groin: 27° 27.414'N, 82° 41.857'W
    Nearshore artificial reef: 27° 27.001'N, 82° 41.830'W (1200 feet offshore from the beach concession stand..3-6 foot piles bridge debris in 15 ft water. 600 ft 400ft area)
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    Awesome...thanks so much guys....especially for those coordinates. They're already in my GPS. :) I figure I'll have to surf fish a little and put some bait in that deep ditch (pass?) to the north of bean point if you think that'll do any good. I'm used to surf fishing here in NC by throwing out an 8 oz weight and cut bait to catch the big reds and stripers. I figure at best, I might hook up with a big shark. While that bait is sitting out there with the rod spiked, I thought I might try throwing artificials for reds, snook, pomps, etc. When I'm in the kayak, I want to fish the holes and flats with artificials and possibly some live shrimp. Does this sound like at least a good start? Also, what kind of artificials are best? BTW, thanks for the tip on Island Discount Tackle... that might be the first stop when I get there.
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    The advice given here is right on the money . For Kayaking I would haul it to the East Side of the Manatee Ave Bridge and head South . Work the flats and potholes on a low tide and there will be plenty of action. The lower the tide the better. Berkley Gulp in new penny and LiL John in pearl flake . Good Luck . Sumo

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