I can't believe what I just read...the Yankee Capts here in the summer?



  • the other guythe other guy Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Well said Greg!
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    You can count me in for at least 8 greg ...A lot of people are excited down here...
  • big_tbig_t Posts: 588 Officer
    waiting on the new schedule to book some more trips. with a couple in tow!
  • XafXaf Posts: 931 Officer
    Count me in for a trip or two this summer.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Man,all this talk about Yankee here year around gets me exited,its better than watching a porno,lmao
    No worries greg the word is definately being spread out in my part of town .Im in miami Bi#ch
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 740 Officer
    I appreciate the support. I am working onthe schedule as I type this.

    As long as the word gets out we should be fine. However I am still spooked. Change can be hard pill to swallow.

    Thanks again,

  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    Just putting the finishing touches on the trip...Keep an eye open
    Capt Bill
  • LobstababeLobstababe Posts: 280 Deckhand
    I would like to go as well! Easier for me to take off in the summer too!
  • HawkboatHawkboat Posts: 1,030 Officer
    Stand Bye. Little bit longer

    I'll post it here when the NEW thread goes up with all the info.
    Capt Bill
  • BobberBobber Posts: 865 Officer
    amigho wrote: »
    While all the players are here, can somebody PULEEZE post a report from the grouper opener??!!!

    This is the only info I have seen: "On last weekends 3 day MM, ( 19 totes, muttons to 20lb,blacks to 40lb) gogs and speedos ruled, but bally's brought in some quality fish too. "

    that trip up there was the Easter weekend MM, not the grouper opener.....

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