100 ft Red Grouper Friday the 13th

We left Pass A Grille about 8am stopped and observed the circus at the PAG tripod, 4 boats taking turns thowing their nets with no bait to show for the effort. That's all I needed to see, so off to 100 ft and some good bottom I marked last year. Bait started showing on the bottom machine in 23 ft, we stopped and sabikied pins, squirells,
cigars, runners, and one mackeral in about 15 minutes. Out to 100 ft we went but the
bottom machine was marking the huge rocks or debris we rembered so we searched the area a little more. After burning 30 minutes of daylight we went back to the exact spot both GPS machines showed to be the spot and dropped a marker. We motored up wind about a quarter mile and drifted with a variety of cut and live baits toward the marker. Every time we got close to the marker we got double and even triple hookups, we picked up 11 keeper red grouper and called it a day. Beautiful day with calm seas and pretty blue water. Sorry for the kill shot pics, the pics from the boat wouldn't upload i got a message stating they were to large. :huh


  • flatsrunnaflatsrunna Posts: 524 Officer
    100 ft is good to alota folks !

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  • LilcthefishslayerLilcthefishslayer Posts: 607 Officer
    Awesome!!!! Grouper nuggets on!!
  • fishon715fishon715 Posts: 63 Deckhand
    Resized pics from boat
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 10,996 AG
    Thanks for the additional pics. Looks like you have a ton of cockpit space. What kind of boat is the 'ol gal?

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  • fishon715fishon715 Posts: 63 Deckhand
    1987 27' sportcraft with 10' ft beam, 350 V8 fresh water cooled inboard. Cruise at 20mph 3200 RPM, not a fast boat but heavy and stable not much rocking. Not the prettiest boat to look at but mechanically sound and comfortable.
  • flatsrunnaflatsrunna Posts: 524 Officer
    bro ive learned its not how she looks its how she fishes ! nuthin personal against the pretty boat owners but I like havin an older boat, if it gets bloody i dnt care lol not swabbing no decks or gunnels till im ready. sides a lil blood splatter ads personality !
    Captain Anthony Leverett of Kingdom Business Charter's.
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,882 Moderator
    Nice job on the RGs, nice mess of vittles right there.:hungry:fishing

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