Deep drop out of jupiter fl

Am try to deep drop out of Jupiter ( new for deep drop) on the map I have

JUPITER HUMP - BLUE BARON - BEERMAN -THE FINGER -CATCH ALL CANYON ALSO PALM BEACH HUMP AND PB CANYON . That the good place for deep drop ? what kind fish out there > thanks for your help


  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
  • p914p914 Posts: 469 Deckhand
    That where you got your mount Sam?
  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
    Yes I caught my big sword out of Palm Beach
  • jonhuynhjonhuynh Posts: 84 Deckhand
    beside swordfish ( have grouper or snapper on that area?) thanks Sam50
  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
    not many grouper or snapper lurking in 1600 feet of water on this side of the stream. There are escolar in those depths and some tile fish a little shallower in 800 feet or so. The chances of hooking a thresher shark are pretty good also!! I run some daytime swordfish charters or can do guided trips on your boat if you want to learn quicker. PM me and we can discuss details
  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
    My bill mount was done by RJ Boyle
  • p914p914 Posts: 469 Deckhand
    It's a good looking mount too. Great artwork.

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