second hand report PBI 4/13 FINS and FINS!

CAZM was stuck at work today..... fortunately, neighbor Mike got out on Deep Secrets II and had a great day fishing. Since I can't post my own report, I'll relay his.
(BTW - fishing vicariously stinks.....but it's better than nothing at all, i guess).
Mike and his crew of Don and Justin left long before I was up - I'll say 5:30 (mighta been 6:00 - who really knows?)....
I have it on good authority that they cleared PBI through some pretty snotty seas. From what I hear, there was some serious hesitation on the 25' Deep Secrets II....
All day was pretty nasty - especially for a crew who likes to fish smooth seas and sunny skies....
From what I hear tell, they were planning to "maybe troll a bit, but then anchor up and do some serious Mutton fishing." I even saw some great Mutton rigs all ready to go last night when we were talking on the porch and I was questioning the sanity of fishing in such wind - but inside really hoping for an invite.....
Well, as Robby Burns once said, "The best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley" - which, translated from the original Scottish, means, "fish with what they give ya."

Trolling all day between 200' and 300' mostly south of the inlet (that's all i got, guys. I'll go out on a limb and say it was likely north of the Breakers and South of the Juno Pier), they managed four BFT's ("football size" is the word i heard - not actually seeing them myself.... but "trusting" that they were either already filleted or sitting on ice just out of eye-shot), 7 Dolphin (again - i did not actually witness these), and one slammer-gaffer-huge dolphin that Mike described as, "at least 40 pounds!" This fish, I did see. I wandered out as soon as i saw the boat back in the driveway somewhere around 5:30. Everyone was quick to gloat, and Justin was dutifully pulling the big fish out of the ice even before Mike got to the meat of the story. Can't vouch for the weight, but it was a serious fish - and i would not doubt their estimate. It was a fish any of us would have been proud to show off: on the boat, on the driveway, on the grill, or on the plate.

Shortly after the unveiling, Don, who was, i think, tasked with cleaning these fish, came wandering from the back of the house asking MIke, "what should I do with all these Triggers and Grunts?" an admirable attempt at keeping secret all the meat being processed out of sight (in order to keep from having to share, perhaps?). Fortunately, Mike had not thought ahead enough to down-pplay the results of the day, and i quickly called Don on his subtle attempt at subterfuge. I even called Mrs CAZM out to see the big fish Justin was just trying to get back in the cooler, so i fully expect that I'll have a fillet or two handed over sometime tomorrow. I will be up bright and early to visit the WPB Fishing Club's Marine Yard Sale, but hopefully by noon Mike will have wandered out with a generous offering in hand....

OK - that was fun..... not as fun as fishing, regardless of the seas, and who knows what the Mods will think of a second hand report..... but I hope it was a good read.... and, yes, it is a true story - congrats to Mike, Don, and Justin on a great day on the Deep Secrets II!!!

How'd everyone else do today?


  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Officer
    GREAT STORY! You sure write better than big mike, He is a great guy. I went to school with little mike and used to be very close to the family. Ask big mike about the seas we came in back from walkers last year!
    BTW bull def went 40#'s
  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    Thanks for the update. It was definitely nasty today, we turned back at the inlet with every bit of 5ft and more coming at us.
  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Do You Hunt Or Fish & Own An iPhone?
  • SeneSene Posts: 174 Officer
    Litlle Mike checking in....I know Dad wandered over with the bag of fish in hand as he told me that was the plan this morning.He said he owed him as Cazm is always generous with his catch. He had a great day and was glad to hear it as I was stuck at work.

    I was very proud of dad as he was able to figure out how to send a text with pic attached Friday morning at 10a.m. when they boated the big fin.

    By the way he said 250 feet working no more than a mile North or South of the inlet the whole day.
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Officer
  • Go MongoGo Mongo Posts: 2,105 Captain
    “Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea
  • VindawgVindawg Posts: 801 Officer
    Great read sir...:)
  • N2naclh20N2naclh20 Posts: 255 Officer
    40lbs +, great job
    There is no greater passion than that of a fisherman.
    Avatar photo: Grandparents and my Dad at Blowing Rocks, Jupiter 1923.
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,064 Captain
    Now that's a nice Fin!!!!

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