a lil night action

i was at work thursday when my lady friend texted me saying "i miss you we need to fish!" and she talked me into it. i checked the winds and tides and once i seen low tide at 6ish i was eager for the port. so once 4:30 came i went straight to my house and hooked up the boat. we decided it was time to see if snook found there way to the port yet. i got to her house around 5:45 in cape canaveral and we were off. i decided before nightfall hit id try the beach and jetty to no avail. i took several waves over the bow. so i motored up to fish more rocks near the navy base. while fishing there,she hooked into someones snapped off line across from from victory(still slow speed zone) so i pulled my boat onto the rocks to retrieve the 12$ yo zuri. while cutting lines and trying to untangle the mess some ******* on a 27t or so offshore boat was on a full plane about 30 ft off the rocks! i yelled at him to slow down before his wake washed me onto the rocks and destroyed my boat. he didnt understand and kept speeding until he was 40ft away and i yelled at the top of my lungs to and hand jestured him to stop aggresively. once he got behind me he planed back out again cause a smaller then before wake to push my boat onto the rocks causing me to get stuck. after much anger i timed a wave right to troll off the rocks. it was getting closer to nightfall by this time and so we changed game plans fished around the drawbridge catching a lttle flounder. once a good 45 minutes of night passed i knew it was time, for some lights. the cruise ships were out so i went in. we got to some lights seeing snook all over the pilings, the night changed quickly. we caught 4 snook out of the lights and 2 jacks and missed many more snook. all on x-raps and yo-zuri's. we decided to hit the ramp around 9 so i can get home for a good rest. good NIGHT in the port. :)


  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 636 Officer
    Great looking fish, one night I need to get out to the port, with the fly rod. :beer
  • HopittyhopHopittyhop Posts: 302 Officer
    were snook popping along the rocks?
  • DudeDude Posts: 1,789 Officer
    Nice, except for the boat on the rocks portion.
  • cslascrocslascro Posts: 129 Deckhand
    "I miss me. I need to go fishing." Nice night of line siding!
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  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 880 Officer
    I'm confused... we're you fishing rocks in the channel? Or in a no wake zone/area?
  • JonDubsJonDubs Posts: 184 Officer
    Right on nice job! Got to hate those morons on the water..hope there was no damage!
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  • HejzabayboatworksHejzabayboatworks Posts: 114 Officer
    I was fishing rocks from the jetty inward all the way to posiden basin and the **** messed me up directly across from victory casino wharf. Got 4 more snook lastnight and my buddy got his port security officer badge today so might be able to add more spots on the list
  • idrummer13idrummer13 Posts: 126 Officer
    So is there certain areas you have to stay in? Are you aloud to motor through the gate on the east end of the port?
    Never fished there before, thought it was off limits fishing. Those are some great looking snook!
  • FloridaFlatsMasterFloridaFlatsMaster Posts: 102 Officer
    great looking snook!

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