First salty fish on the fly

Finally had a day off where I was free to to what I wanted upon waking up this morning, so I loaded up the kayak and went fishing. I brought my fly rod with intentions of using it until my arm fell off or I caught something, whichever happened first. I have caught about 1000 fish on the fly, its just that about 950 of them have been bream with a few bass here and there. Never a saltwater species, until today.

Not surprisingly, that first fish was a perfect bait sized ladyfish. The small kind tarpon love to snack on when they are up the rivers of Charlotte harbor. Nonetheless, it was a fish, from saltwater, that willingly took my clouser by attempting to eat it because it thought it was food. A small fish, but a major accomplishment and a major aid in keeping me addicted to the whole art form that is fly fishing. I caught a few other fish today, including a trout that also ate a fly. I did succumb to using spinning gear and tricked a nice redfish into eating a DOA CAL.

I took a few pictures with my new kodak playsport. I posted them to my blog in my signature. I also stopped at the hardware store on the way home and was successfully able to retrofit an old ball cap into a hands free camera mount, so hopefully the next time I fish I can get some footage of a mammoth snook taking a topwater. Or at least some footage of some pretty birds or something.


  • FLTXhunterFLTXhunter Posts: 516 Officer
    Ain't a darn thing wrong with that story. Congrats on your first fish on fly in the salt. I will never forget mine. Not a darn thing wrong with ladyfish. I can't tell you how many times ladyfish have made me feel darn good about my flyfishing capabilities! Next project...snook on fly?
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  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,445 Moderator
    Hmmm. I have a question?? is putting a small piece of Gulp on the fly hook.KOSHER they are both artificial.????
  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 414 Deckhand
    20 April 2012

    Dear Larry,

    absolutely not allowed to put something on a fly to sweeten it. No Gulp tip, no scent. In fact, some purists resist flies tied with artificial materials (other than feathers and fur). There are also modern flies with rattles inside, foam heads, epoxy, etc that some super-purists dismiss. The criticism is that you are constructing a lure, not fishing with a fly. Also, you aren't allowed to troll a fly, you have to cast it. This comes up with big-game billfish fly-fishing, or using your fly on a heavy sinking line to "dredge" for fish by stripping it rapidly up in the water column. I don't think any fly fisherman would admit to any scent or tip, the other things, yes and no.


    grace finds goodness in everything ...

  • Tight LoopsTight Loops Posts: 205 Officer
    My first post after 6 months of being a member. Just had to give a big CONGRATULATIONS on your first salty fly caught fish. Way to go!

    Larry, Mark is correct that we do not "scent" our fly’s...just not done in the world of fly fishing. Definitely frowned upon and not legal for tournament or I.G.F.A. fly rod records. However I am not sure I would say "absolutely not allowed". Everyone should have fun fishing...just might not call it fly fishing. More like bait fishing with a long rod :huh

    Now that I have made a post can I have an avitar?
  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,445 Moderator
    Well just asking..Now let me ask this one chum slick flowing with current over a flat,when fish start to show, casting fly into path of fish. Is this Kosher ??
  • Tight LoopsTight Loops Posts: 205 Officer
    Depends on how big the fish are. :)
  • Tight LoopsTight Loops Posts: 205 Officer
    How do you add a member photo or avitar to the side bar? I cannot find that in settings.
  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 414 Deckhand
    Chumming and teasing are both considered to be acceptable, though not commonly done. Shark fly-fishermen often use bloody barracuda to rile up the sharks, teasing the fish in is required for flyfishing for billfish, chumming and teasing are used for roosterfish, and chunking up tuna is common in Key West and the Gulf oil rigs. People will chum snapper and AJ's up just so they can say they caught them on the fly.

    The idea is that you are going to catch the fish with art, not by putting a smaller fish on a hook and getting a bite. I do a lot of offshore fishing as well, and there is something very cool about limiting out on fish using nothing but trolling plastic (Black Barts) and jigging steel (butterfly jigs.


    grace finds goodness in everything ...

  • angler18angler18 Posts: 2,035 Officer
    congrats, it took me a while to get my first salty on fly also. I would always pick up the spinner to make plays I couldn't reach with the flyrod, didn't have the patience at first.

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