silly girls hitting on me on the innerwebs

MadScientistMadScientist Posts: 3,402 Officer
Hello dear
How are you today? hope fine and well sounded in good health?.Dear, to be brief ;my name is 'Miss' Tolma 'a young prety girl.'i first check your profile and was so excited about what your profile says ,that speaks what i consider very well and sound to me ,i am now saying ,lets come together by knowing each other thanks.


  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 Officer
    Oh...that speech pattern would drive me to drink!
  • Angler719Angler719 Posts: 485 Deckhand
  • PullinlipPullinlip Posts: 576 Officer
    Reply with something along these lines:

    Dear Sweet Miss Tolma,

    I am also hoping this letter finds you well. Please be of much kindness and forward pics of your boobies post haste as time is of the most utmost importances.

    Many thanks and loves,

    King Kong ****.
    A village in Ireland has lost their idiot.
  • Next LevelNext Level Posts: 2,962 Officer
    Mines Russan:
    Hello! How are you? I'm sure we do not know each other yet, but I'd
    like to meet you. My name is Nailya and I am 25 years old. I was
    born and live in Russia, in the village Savino in the Kirov region.
    It is about 800 km from Moscow. And in what city do you live? I want
    to tell you that I am single, I have no children and I am looking for
    a serious relationship. I think you have a question why I am looking
    for a serious relationship with a foreigner. I had a bad experience
    with a Russian man and I was disappointed in Russian men. I will tell
    you these reasons in the future if you want to write me. But I hope
    that you're a good person, and I will be very glad if you can find me
    a really good person. I am very interested to know more about you,
    because your culture is different from mine. There are many things
    that I would like to tell you, but I'll talk about that later if of
    course you're interested in establishing a serious relationship with
    me. I hope you will write something about yourself and will send me a
    couple of your pictures. With best regards, your new friend Nailya!
  • richard arichard a Posts: 117 Officer
    Nice name,
    Member #1125
  • fishstickerfishsticker Posts: 498 Deckhand
    And they only need $5900 wired to them so they can move here and be your beautiful new wife.
    "Those that give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither."
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Fly HookerFly Hooker Posts: 4,195 Officer
    "Me wove you long time"
  • Mackeral SnatcherMackeral Snatcher Posts: 10,364 AG
    I can't believe you guys actually open those E mails.
  • PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,261 AG
    Were talking about Next Level here....
  • Next LevelNext Level Posts: 2,962 Officer
    What? She appears to be breathing and has no open sores. Game on!
  • navigator2navigator2 Posts: 22,383 AG
    I can't believe you guys actually open those E mails.

    They are a blast to eff with. It can be an interesting hobby. Sometimes I'll drag these exchanges out for weeks and when I tire of it I tell them next time they are in the neighborhood to ring me.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,095 Admiral
    I always thought if you opened one your key board would melt.

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